AKA Why our ingredient count may not match the manufacturer’s. I really should start a FAQ section.

It’s on the to-do list. But that to-do list is getting longer every minute.

One question I’ve heard from people writing in, is “why are your ingredients off”? Or something to that effect. Here’s why: We’re not the FDA, that’s why.

It all comes down to scenarios, so let’s go through a few, shall we?

Let’s imagine you’re making deviled eggs. You boil the eggs, half them, add mayo to the yolks, some salt, and some dry mustard and paprika to top it off. To a cook, you need to know those ingredients. The mayo is important, for instance.

An FDA label would look like this: Eggs, Mayonnaise (whole eggs, vinegar, oil, salt, egg yolk, dry mustard), salt, dry mustard, paprika. 10 ingredients.
A grocery list would look like this: Eggs, Mayo, Salt, Dry Mustard, Paprika. 5 ingredients.

But let’s say you wanted to make deviled eggs—all from scratch. Your grocery list would look like this: Eggs, oil, vinegar, vinegar, salt, dry mustard, and paprika. 7 ingredients.

Depending on your need is how the ingredients are viewed. So we carefully look through an ingredient list and determine the ACTUAL ingredients.

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